Here is a letter I composed to the current owners of my childhhood home (until I was nearly 4 years of age) in the hope that I mighyt visit to get some footage from which i could rotoscope.




Considering Public Engagement, Audiences and Ethics


  • The Soho Create proposal has unfortunately not been accepted, but I am sstill strongly considering undertaking a similar idea; an Artist (myself) in Residence, creating further Pre-Production work inside the Gypsy...


LASER CUTTING - Mon 25th April 2016


For wheels: round tool (hold down shift)

Line tool (hold down shift)

Use Window, Tools for values

Use rectangle tool for drawing lines (delete others using white arrow)

Press R for rotate, then enter

CTRL and D for duplicating action just...


Notes with Mark on Monday 25th April 2016


Key themes: the audience, and thinking carefully about it. Are your audience represented in your work? Or who are you representing?

Be aware of some of the red tape and burocracy. For example, with certain cultures you have a re...


Notes on collecting - Sunday 24th April 2016


Allness! The importance of completion, of getting ALL of one's collection.

"I simply must have it!"

"I couldn't live without it!"

The meaningful going about of pursuing the caravan was as important as getting it, and so losing...


Thursday 21st April 2016 - Thoughts on Childhood Nostalgia (Plotting Out of Film)


·       We hear the sound of, supposedly, a horse and carriage rolling along the road.


·       We fade into a hazy child's bedroom. The wallpaper, out of focus, d...


MYTHOLOGY (Notes, April 2016):


·       Any mythology surrounding the caravan must be drawn, in some way, from history and not from the 'nature' of things. This is where the reason for caravans existing (advances in transport) and Victorian decor are relevant....


Notes on Monday 18th April 2016 - Funding


·       Set out a clear and comprehensive plan of action.

·       Think about funding opportunities.

·       27th June is the deadline for using the workshop and the hub (access t...


Monday 14th March 2016

Thoughts for Pre-Production

  • Vctorian/Edwardian England? Gilbert & Sullivan meets Gypsy Caravans?

  • A Victorian Theatre, combined with the look of a Gypsy caravan, to create a ‘stage’?

  • Ronald Seale drawings – inspirations for cardboard/w...


While I still have the caravan in my posession I decided to work out the measurements on the following documents. This will help me create a replica to scale when I have to return the original.


This is my final film (plus accompanying stills) as completed during/after the sessions on Montage and Sound. With literally days before having to return it to the owner, I took the Gypsy caravan to the local common ground in my home town of Harlow (where I grew up) an...


FA7034 – Starting Point (accompanying the attached 'FA7036 Consolidation' PDF)


  • Following on from the research undertaken in both FA7036 and FA7031 I am now basing my pre-production on the following:        

    • Working towards...


I am planning a 3D scan/print of the caravan for posterity and help with recreating it, and here are some photos of the set-up I was able to get together at the Arts University Bournemouth...




‘La Jetee’ by Chris Marker (1962) – a very clever film.

  • Really heavy narration, very dense atmosphere created by intense sounds (like a heartbeat)

  • What’s happening in the ‘black line’ between frames? There’s something magical about it

  • Digital videos have p...

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