FA7036 - Notes - Architecture Session

Friday 15th January 2015

Architecture Session – External Narrative Spaces

  • Inter-disciplinary practices – new outcomes, paradigms, soft skills, skills that enable you to work in other sectors

  • ‘Visitor experiences’

  • The ‘Hagues Project’ – regeneration of an area on London

  • Building workshop spaces

  • Re-populating landscapes with different structures

  • Think about sound (e.g. noise pollution) and lighting

  • In animation we look at how different surfaces respond to light/different space/volume of space

  • Moving on from rational spaces to spaces that evoke atmosphere

  • Think about repetition of forms with found objects to create urban landscapes

  • A lot of consultation work (masterplans) – animation is a valuable tool for photographic/animating architectural models and/or fly-throughs

  • Installation/exhibition design/set design (for film/theatre)

  • Ridley Scott (clip) – he totally transports us to another place (dystopian worlds)

  • Bladerunner – sci-fi/film noir hybrid

  • You can create a narrative/an order – in film you’re guiding the audience around a space

  • We can use time lapse/animate light/get some movement

  • Think beyond the buildings

  • Use camera phone to photograph the buildings

  • Look at Zaha Hedid (architect), who used napkins for the ‘Hague’s Dance’ exhibition

  • You can suggest a lot with sound – a good soundtrack is usually consisted of sounds that you shouldn’t notice, but they transport you to that space

  • Look at Staging Silence (Hans Op de Beeck) – not animation or film, it’s its own thing

  • The production values (inc. sound) make it feel much more expensive than it really is

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