FA7036 - 'The Open Road' - Lyrics

“The Open Road” – Breakdown of Lyrics & Music

Chimes (2 bars) Music only/pots & pans (4 bars) (then pot clunk)

It’s a life of ease on the open road, (3 bars) Rambling where you please on the open road. (3 bars) Here today and there tomorrow, (2 bars) Wave goodbye to care and sorrow, (2 bars) You can beg or steal or borrow on, the open road. (4 bars)

Huh! No one asked me how I feel about the open road! (4 bars)

Pots & pans (1 bar)

You are free to roam on the open road, (3 bars) Though you’re far from home on the open road. (3 bars) Never mind the wind or weather, (2 bars) Wondering the lanes together, (2 bars) Through the hills and trees and heather, on the open road. (4 bars)

Pots & pans (7 bars)

So, stages 1 – 5 = 46 bars

Stages 6 -7: Musical interlude

Chimes (2 bars)

Pots & pans (2 bars)

So we sing our song on the open road, (3 bars) As we roll along on the open road. (3 bars) We’ve a whole wide world before us, (2 bars) We’ll be famous, as explorers, (2 bars) Come on Alfred - join the chorus, on the open road. (4 bars)

On the O…O… (1 bar) …pen…pen (1 bar) Road…! (1 bar, slower) Road! (2 bars)

Pots & pans (2 bars)

Music only (melody) (9 bars, fading out)

So, stages 8 – 12 = 34 bars

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