FA7036 - Notes on Montage/Films etc.

Wednesday 27th January 2016

  • More aware of opportunities for work; how and where you present your work

  • Identifying new audiences/connecting with people – it’s part of the work

  • Constantly being re-invented (cinema) – the EXPERIENCE around it

  • Move along from pre-production and then the film – be IN it

  • Get these ideas, no matter how crazy they are, in your blog

  • There will be a residue of some of those ideas, into something that’s realistic

  • The next module is about building prototypes, not being too precious

  • Go through all notes and write a summary of where you’re at/what you’ve done/what are the key outcomes

  • You’ve absorbed so much

  • Try to illustrate the notes (add images that capture what you’re talking about)

  • Go to the Museum of Childhood –

  • Drawing is on hold for now, but the ideas will flow so much more now (due to the writing)

  • These days a film can be something that’s 10 seconds long

  • The essay film sketched out an idea

  • Lots of vignettes?

  • Look at Coffee and Cigarettes by Jim Jarmusch

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ggqrEMtA3TU

  • Don’t get stuck by the idea

  • Don’t focus too much in the traditional sense

  • Think about the theme, context, processes; the nature will define itself

  • We get used to working to particular formats – think of it as “it is what it is”

  • High production values

  • BUT you’re finding new ways to tell stories now

  • It could be very different

  • Think creatively about materials; how do you get results through lighting?

  • Look at film noir, German expressionist film

  • Be resourceful and look in bins

  • Re-think what ‘production values’ mean

  • Let the research inform the format/theme/process

  • Puppets – look into teaching aids for Bournemouth, but using one for the film first

  • Think of your budget as a limitation, and maybe you have to work with found materials and light

  • This will focus you on the performance

  • Have a presence – plug into a community, since it creates opportunities

  • Invest and collaborate

  • Maybe tests are done in London, while the film is done at home

  • Invite people from Photography, Film etc. for help with lighting

  • Look at photographers

  • Look into using the workshop by June; more ambitious work should take place soon

  • Look up ‘networks’ on the London Met. Website

  • Go in for an initial induction, outline the project

  • Go with own materials and/or buy some from the workshop

  • Also use the resources in Bournemouth too

  • Measure up the caravan/draw the dimensions

  • Use Adobe Illustrator for the exact measurements

  • Maybe cut in light ply (different weights), and then it can be laser-cut

  • You create a vector diagram, and then different coloured lines

  • You can also design and cut depth

  • Arrange a laser-cutting induction

  • Think of the ‘theory’ angle – your work could be exhibited as part of a conference

  • Divide your research up into themes (as a summary)

  • It would be useful for YOU and OTHERS to understand it

  • Your ideas are excellent, complex and imaginative – don’t lose all of that because you think you’ve got to produce a certain kind of film

  • Summative Assessment will involve ‘ticking of boxes’

‘Wood Mill’ – Commercial Road CRG-25


Peter Hufton and Robert Naylor

Equipment list:

Bandsaws Pillar Drills Horizontal drill CNC Saw Dimension saws (staff only) Cross cut saw Spindle moulders Overhead routing machines Disc, belt and small bobbin sanders Speed sander Surface planers Thicknessers Wood Turning lathe Wood Turning copy lathe Fret Saw Dovetailer (solid wood only) Tenoners Morticers Grinding Wheels (staff only) Sharpening Equipment Power tools (Drills, grinders, belt sanders, hand routers, biscuit jointers) Various Hand Tools

Email to Pete and Rob:

Dear Peter and Robert,

I am a part time mature MA Animation student and it was suggested I contact you both by my tutor, Mark Collington. Basically, having worked in the animation industry for 9 years, before lecturing for 3 in Bournemouth, I

Email to Hannah Treharne (student):

Hi Hannah,

Hope all is well.

I'm sorry I haven't been in touch regarding the caravan; I've been very busy, which is the same old excuse I know! I could bring it in next week, although it would be difficult for me to take time out of the day - so for you to see it properly it would be best to do it at the end of day. Wednesday would be good for me as I'd have it in the car anyway (travelling from Essex) - or we could potentially do Friday too.

Otherwise a great day for me would be Friday 19th February, as I'd have a lot more free time to discuss it with you. Actually - I'm planning on reducing it myself as part of my part time MA, or at least the basic structure, and I can discuss that with you too. I've also acquired a really good book which I think was used when it was originally constructed. It was published in the late 1970s, but reprinted in 1996, and you can purchase it here:


I'll bring my copy with you on the day so you can have a look through.

Just let me know when would be good for you and we can arrange it all.

All the best,


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