FA7036 - Contacts for Museums with Gypsy Caravans

Museums and Organisations

(for Gypsy Caravans)

  • Museum of English Rural Life:

  • Located in University of Reading

  • Blake’s Lock Museum

  • Located in Reading


  • Greg’s Gypsy Bowtops

  • http://www.gregsgypsybowtops.co.uk/

  • A good call, as it looks like one could be hired.

  • Looking at the ‘gallery’ section, at least one seems to have been hired for filming.

  • Four are apparently available.

  • A great quote from the ‘reviews’ section:

  • “What Greg does is make lovely spaces where people can enjoy their days at a slower pace. A little escape and a simple Wind in the Willows approach to life.”

  • Ideas for use of the cravan:

  • Can promote Greg’s Gypsy Bowtops as well as my own film work.

  • Can feature my Wind in the Willows collection on one side, and my pre-production work on the other, with the essay film playing on a loop in the centre.

  • I could have a ‘suggestion box’, when visitors can post their conclusions or ideas based on the artwork they see.

  • The caravan could come ready fitted with furniture, and the artefacts/artwork would be placed in accordance, almost as ‘part of the furniture’. It’s almost as if it is the ‘real’ version of the stop motion set.

  • The idea is to make the interior ‘cosy’. Howling noises of wind and rain outside, thus urging people in?

  • I could be there, designing/coming up with ideas while people visit – like an ‘artist in residence’.

  • Holiday destinations featuring gypsy caravans:

  • http://www.beneath-the-stars.co.uk/wind-in-the-willows-holiday-wagon

  • Contact: caroline@the-cottage-company.co.uk

  • Located in Wales.

  • Features the actual ‘green’ caravan used in the 1996 Wind in the Willows film.

  • http://www.orchardcampsite.co.uk/gypsy.html - NO, but suggested ‘SuffolkWheelWright’

  • Contact: info@orchardcampsite.co.uk

  • Located in Wickham Market, Suffolk.

  • Features a ‘yellow’ caravan.

  • http://www.gypsycaravanhire.co.uk/

  • Contact: mary@llamatrekking.co.uk

  • Located in Towcester, Northamptonshire

  • Features a ‘red’ caravan.

  • http://www.wanderlusts.co.uk/

  • Contact: info@wanderlusts.co.uk

  • Located in Cumbria/Lake District.

  • http://www.gypsycaravanbreaks.co.uk/

  • Contact: info@gypsycaravanbreaks.co.uk

  • Located in Compton Dundon, Somerton.

  • http://roulotteretreat.com/

  • Contact: avril@roulotteretreat.com

  • Located near Melrose, Scottish Borders.

  • http://www.bluehousebedandbreakfast.co.uk/caravan.html

  • Contact: (online message sent).

  • Located in Grange over Sands, Cumbria.

  • http://www.bramblebield.com/caravans/

  • Contact: (online message sent).

  • Located in Scotland.

  • http://www.gypsy-wagons.co.uk/

  • Contact: info@gypsy-wagons.co.uk

  • Located in Brinkworth, Chippenham Wilts.

  • https://www.robin-hoods-bay.co.uk/red-house-apartment-and-gypsy-caravan%26%2339%3Bs - NO

  • Contact: redhouse@robin-hoods-bay.co.uk

  • Located in Fylingthorpe, North Yorkshire.

  • http://www.lagnaha.co.uk/gypsywaggon.html

  • Contact: info@lagnaha.co.uk

  • http://northshire.co.uk/gypsy-caravans/

  • Contact: carolhopkinson@msn.com

  • http://www.gypsy-caravans.co.uk/for-sale.html#link4

  • Contact: hugh@gypsy-caravans.co.uk

  • Featuring a caravan like Toad’s for sale!

  • http://www.cylex-uk.co.uk/reviews/viewcompanywebsite.aspx?firmaName=jon-tiplady-wheelwright&companyId=20079026#

  • Contact: 01394 383037

  • Restores old wagons.

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