FA7036 - Basic Stop Motion Set-Up (Plan)


  • Tests to be completed at the CASS on Mondays during the production period

  • Mostly focussed on lighting, and using maquettes for the puppet/secondary characters

  • Actual film to be shot in studio space at home

  • Will consist of:

  • 1x armature (puppet), representing me (with rigging points)

  • Cut-outs of friends and family, pre-animated in 2D, and animated as replacements (cut-out and mounted on thin wood)

  • A stage (magnetic for the puppet) that needs to give the effect of props disappearing into the background (the puppet walks forward as he ‘performs’)

  • A white backdrop, onto which abstract imagery will be projected (GOT)

  • A mock-up of the gypsy caravan, which forms the ‘framing’ of the stage

  • It will be treated like a ‘ghost’ of a caravan, that drives on and off again at the end

  • The rest of the ‘auditorium’ will be illustrated in the form of dream-like rotoscoping as an ‘expansion’ to the caravan, with an imagery audience

  • 1x camera

  • Lights (need to look into how many, what types, etc.)

  • 4x magnets

  • 1x rig

  • 1x DSLR camera (can possibly borrow from work)

  • 1x laptop with Stop Motion Pro (can possibly borrow from work)

  • 1x tripod (GOT)

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