FA7034 - Notes on Books/Essay Film Quotes

Sat 2nd April - Notes on 'Architecture, Actor & Audience'

Unlike cinema, theatre differs every night and engages with the audience.

My film could be interactive - maybe the backgrounds can change? Shoot on green screen?

The lyrics should be very general.

Include the "picture frame of the theatre proscenium".

The "focus being on auditorium and stage where the mystery takes place".

Mon 4th April - Notes on 'Victorian & Edwardian Theatres'

French influences? Roman?

Mon 4th April - Other Notes

Barry Purves' 'Tchaikovsky' - consider back projection that evokes nostalgia memories (faded, scratchy film). A frame, so it is like a painting come to life.

Quotes featured in essay film:

"The past which is the object of nostalgia must in some fashion be a personally experienced past rather than one drawn solely, for example, from chronicles ... memorial tablets, or, for that matter, legend." (Davis, 1979, p.8)

"...today's wagons function as artefacts possessing more of a symbolic reference than providing an accommodation base..." (Acton and Mundy, 1997, p.17)

"...cinema (is a) ... psychological art in which ... we allow ourselves to engage at a feeling level and release our own associative fantasies." (Hayek and Alister, 2001, p.12)

"...cinema, unlike theatre, is a medium not of actors but of images, and in that sense it is more closely linked to the transpersonal." (Hauls and Alister, 2001, p.12)

"That art thrives on nostalgia and that, simultaneously, it does much to shape the form and provide the substance of our nostalgic experience is, perhaps, as evident as it is difficult to explain." (Davis, 1979, p.73)

"...we are all the time running an internal movie of associated images and sensations to which we pay scant attention." (Hayek and Alister, 2001, p.12)

"...a selected past acquires a vividness and meaning which make it seem "more real" than it did at the time of its occurrence." (Davis, 1979, p.79)

"The category of the beautiful includes ... a classical sense of a work's symmetry, proportion, balance, and harmony, all of which attributes allow the construction of a coherent and attractive whole which rivals the shapes of material reality." (Lynn, 1982, p.11)

"...it reveals human sensuous needs which go beyond physical necessity." (Lynn, 1982, p.11)

"The real is not only what can be reproduced, but that which is always already reproduced: that is, the hyperreal ... which is entirely in simulation." (Baudrillard, 1983, back cover)

"If my nostalgia for this caravan persists, and I embark on reproducing it, am I opening a refreshing array of possibilities for its future, and consequently will my feelings for it change?" (Haynes, 2016, p.4)

"...a replica might serve as an interesting artifice for an animated film, which could echo both the real (for which I may be nostalgic) and a deceitful pretence, for which I may mythologise." (Haynes, 2016, p.4)

"....any 'new' film featuring this artefact should be aesthetically pleasing ... and so my nostalgic sentiment would be fulfilled while I showcase this 'beautiful' item in new light." (Haynes, 2016, p.4)

"...it is ... a box on wheels; something that can contain anything and go anywhere. There may be a powerful and meaningful metaphor behind my passion; perhaps this box is a repository for unconscious feeling or repressed thoughts." (Haynes, 2016, p.6)

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