FA7034 - Starting point / FA7036 - Consolidation

FA7034 – Starting Point (accompanying the attached 'FA7036 Consolidation' PDF)

  • Following on from the research undertaken in both FA7036 and FA7031 I am now basing my pre-production on the following:

  • Working towards making a short film that explores my own nostalgia (childhood), referring to the book, Yearning for Yesterday (1979) by Fred Davis.

  • I want to re-think the Gypsy caravan, as explored previously, as something much more than a model as used in The Wind in the Willows. This is where my research on Simulacra comes in, focussing on re-thinking what’s real and placing it in a new context. I want to look into Mythology more as well because that also deals with what objects mean to us, and to different cultures, and how their meanings can be totally altered depending on the context.

  • Even if I am not successful with the Soho Create project I would still like to pursue the idea of an Artist in Residence setup, inside a real Gypsy caravan - i.e. the Gypsy caravan Theatre in Kent. I am continuing to be in touch with Clemmie James on this.

  • For this I am looking to reproduce the caravan in foam board, because it is cheap and easy to light and transform – and would therefore offer so much potential for alterations.

  • I would like to bring in elements of the theatre to my work, since this is part of the ‘here and now’ of my life currently.

  • The replica would be on display within the full size Gypsy caravan, and I would be working on further pre-production ideas for a film idea surrounding nostalgia, which would feature a puppet and projected backdrops.

  • The visitors would be encouraged to contribute to the film idea in some way, offering suggestions in a ‘suggestion box’.

  • I want to further explore how nostalgia is ‘sold’ through propaganda, as well as the meaning behind Romani culture itself.

  • I want to experiment more with projection mapping onto my final model of the caravan. The point would be to project memories collected with my childhood as a ‘backdrop’ to a film, while a character is traditionally animated in the foreground, telling the story in the form of a song.

  • To create footage I plan to revisit some childhood locations, including my old home as a child and a theme park, Blackgang Chine, which holds dear memories for me. This footage will eventually be rotoscoped.

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