FA7034 - Notes on 'Collecting: An Unruly Passion ' (by Werner Muensterberger)

Notes on collecting - Sunday 24th April 2016

Allness! The importance of completion, of getting ALL of one's collection.

"I simply must have it!"

"I couldn't live without it!"

The meaningful going about of pursuing the caravan was as important as getting it, and so losing it wasn't, in the end, all that bad, rather surprisingly. The pursuing itself was, in itself, reward enough. The memory, and what I can now do with it, is a wonderful result in its own right, without the responsibility of owning the object itself.

The video collection in particular is a reminder of the happy times involved in the childhood purchasing of them. Each one has its own story.

But I'm not a collector that wasn't loved! (P.43) So how has my habit stemmed?


Magnificent Obsessions – The Artist as Collector

  • How else can I ‘display’ my WITW collection? Invite people round for cups of TV? Projection screens showing clips? A documentary discovering the ‘world’ it depicts? Utilising the other senses other than sight and sound? How can ‘smell’ be projected?

  • ‘Objects of the day’ and the stories behind them? What about the memories of where and how each item was acquired? There are stories there too! Stories of nostalgia and memory.

  • “Collecting enables people to reconnect with their childhood, to preserve, study and invest in material from another historical period and to keep the past alive.”

  • How can this collection influence my work as an artist?

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