FA7034 - Laser Cutting Tips

LASER CUTTING - Mon 25th April 2016

For wheels: round tool (hold down shift)

Line tool (hold down shift)

Use Window, Tools for values

Use rectangle tool for drawing lines (delete others using white arrow)

Press R for rotate, then enter

CTRL and D for duplicating action just done

Lock guides - ALT + CTRL + ;

CTRL and G - groups objects

Pen tool for adding anchor points; first select the line with the white arrow and then hover over it for anchor points

For 'free' curves use the pen tool

ALT is shortcut for anchor point tool

ESC will break up the lines while using pen tool

Use ALT for setting the central anchors/rotations

Use Reflect tool for duplicating the other side of the caravan.

I don't think I'll be laser cutting for this module as I am planning to make a replica caravan out of foam board to begin with, but I hope to make use of this technique later on in the major project.

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