FA7034 - Notes on 'Representation' (Stuart Hall) etc.

Notes with Mark on Monday 25th April 2016

Key themes: the audience, and thinking carefully about it. Are your audience represented in your work? Or who are you representing?

Be aware of some of the red tape and burocracy. For example, with certain cultures you have a responsibility to the people you're representing.

Link this to the funding opportunities.

This might give you more of a structure to AFTER your MA, including public engagement.

Philosophical theory MEETS logistics on websites.

'Representation' by Stuart Hall - GET IT! It looks as semiotics, myth, documentary/TV/film, the museum, the spectacle of the other etc. How do we represent one another culturally?

Cramming objects into spaces.

Modern museum = traditional (expository) documentary

Old museum = animated documentary

Are we representing facts or experiences? Our own nostalgia?

Back to mythology - the status of objects in a museum.

Dialogue between you and the creator. Juxtaposition - the caravan is the cabinet and the curiosities become less important - but do I therefore MAKE them more important?

Where is the overlap in April's work?

Why do we value certain systems of thinking/behaviour? Western/Imperial past.


Project shortlisted but not accepted.

CASS, however, will continue to support the idea, with a realistic target of Summer 2017.

There is a nostalgia/ruins conference coming up. Romney Marshes - LOOK UP.

Stratford - Caravan Serai - LOOK UP.

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