FA7034 - Notes on Assignment Hand-In

Notes on Monday 23rd May 2016

Think about the summer show - what do you want to exhibit?

Breakdown of the process of animation?

Assemble a showreel.

Four computers - a couple projecting things onto models etc.

Main projector/main reel.

Photograph the show/include on workbook.

FA7036 - first module.

FA7034 - pre-production (later).

Look at the 'list' of the various things covered in each module - don't feel you have to tick every single box in terms of content!

Specifically look at the assessment requirements.

Show that you've understood the subject matter, but don't necessarily show things that are resolved. They don't have to be!

Concepts and the actual work itself - log both processes.

Look at the research funding bodies - at least a lot of an awareness of the kind of projects that are successful.

Look into public engagement and ethics.

Look over the 'Representation' chapter.

Log the ideas that I've come up with today - such as -projecting through the length of the caravan (Windows), the four seasons being represented (projected) on each side of the caravan, placing the caravan on glass casing and shining a light from beneath (with artwork around it, lit up).

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