FA7034 - Pre-Production Proposal (Replica of the Caravan)

A few weeks ago I began my replica of the Gypsy caravan from 'The Wind in the Willows' and it is nearly there. After taking some photos with a light inside it I was very pleased to see it looking like ivory! And then I did some projection mapping in the Studio, projecting my montage film onto its side. The results were very pleasing and are a strong indication of how things will look when exhibited. It all ties in with the plan for the summer show...

Plan for Summer Show

I will exhibit the completed foam board caravan in the centre of the room. I will use projection mapping to project a montage, consisting of my essay film, my montage film, drawings and photos based on my childhood nostalgia, and some animated experiments centred around the four seasons.

The point of this will be to analyse audiences' reactions when they view these different sequences. I might even ask what they like best, and leave a suggestion box out (much like the proposal for the Artist in Residence/Soho Create ideas).

I am considering placing the caravan onto a glass top case at quite a height, meaning the audience would be looking up at it - as if they are children themselves. I will experiment with a light shining through the glass from underneath, and will decorate the surrounding area with drawings and photos related to the pre-production of the major project.

Foam Board Replica

This replica was made entirely out of white foam board and the following video is a montage of time lapse videos recorded during its construction, culminating in the first projection mapping experiment. The playlist below it, and the accompanying photos, showcase the replica further.

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