FA7034 - Funding (Further Notes, connecting with those from 18th April)

I have started looking into funding possibilities for the idea of the Artist in Residence scheme, and for the actual animated film itself - which would help with the cost of the puppet (I'm gaining help from an ex-employer, Mackinnon & Saunders - see email below...)

One funding opportunity I'm looking into is through Arts Council England (see below).

This particular opportunity is aimed at artists, is a returning scheme, and is aimed at projects that will end by October 2017, which is perfect since my MA will end in September 2017.

I intend to look into this opportunity further and put together an application over the summer months. In the meantime I will look at other such schemes through Arts Council England and others. The website link for this is:


I have also looked into a Research Bursary through Wellcome Trust. This is aimed at academics undertaking research projects, and since I am one (I work as a Senior Lecturer at Arts University Bournemouth) and have already delivered a couple of academic papers, I feel I could steer my MA project in this direction, still focussing on a practical outcome and engaging with the public in the form of an installation/Artist in Residence event.

Again, I am looking into this much more over the summer months, as well as what else Wellcome Trust have to offer (there are a large number of different schemes outlined on their website, and the link to this Research Bursary page is:


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