FA7034 - Summer Show Plan

Summer Show (Exhibition) - Plan

  • First and foremost, before any such ‘Artist in Residence’ scheme can take place, the summer show is a priority. Taking place soon, with the Private View on Thursday 9th June, I need to consider/sort out the following…

  • Contact Clemmie James about the above issues and make sure I’m doing everything ethically and politically correct. I plan to project a variety of material onto this caravan, and so I want to ensure no particular colours/shapes/figures/words will offend anyone.

  • Work collaboratively with the other MA students, and particularly Prateek and John (third year BA student) who will also be involved in projection mapping, as well as setting up the studio space. My timetable for the next two weeks is as follows…

  • Tue 31st May/Wed 1st June – working

  • Thu 2nd June – work on the model Gypsy caravan

  • Fri 3rd/Sat 4th June – directing workshop in London

  • Mon 6th June – select stronger (if necessary) summer show stills, complete finishing touches on caravan, and put together montage of the following for projection:

  • Essay film

  • Montage/sound film

  • Time lapse compilation – ‘making of’ the caravan

  • Clip of me performing The Typewriter on stage

  • ‘When I Was a Lad’ – clip from HMS Pinafore stage show

  • ‘Four seasons’ animations

  • Tue 7th/Wed 8th June – work with Prateek, John and other students to experiment with projection mapping.

  • Thu 9th June – Summer show private view (unfortunately I cannot attend, but will ensure everything is in place – or at least Prateek and John know what to do – by the night before).

  • Images for inclusion in the summer show brochure/poster will be as follows...

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