February 2018: Laser Cutting

I took the opportunity of this induction into laser cutting to create panels (as tests for potentially making pieces fore the Caravan Theatre) for a 'Wind in the Willows Episode Calendar.

These four panels relate to the seasons, i.e. one for each, and listed are 13 episodes of 'The Wind in the Willows'. There are 52 episodes in total in the series and I have sorted them into seasonal order, i.e. there is a particular one that I recommend watching on any one of the 52 weeks in the year.

I have a wooden tower at home (seen in a photo here) which houses all VHS and DVD releases (part of my extensive collection) and this can be rotated. These wooden laser-cut panels will be placed in the top sections. A further 13 episodes, under the title of 'Oh! Mr Toad!' (the spin-off series) were produced in 1990 and these are covered in a separate panel, to be closed on the bottom section. I also tried 'tracing' a photographic image (the title scene depicting the four main characters) and laser cutting that.

I've also included imagery of the files, created in Illustrator, as well as a video showing the laser cutting process.

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