February 2018: Puppet Tests

Here is a selection of photos and images showing the development of the first animation tests of the puppet against green screen and actually performing part of the song, culminating in a final video showing the complete verse set in the autumn, focusing on my (the character's) passion for 'The Wind in the Willows'.

This test features some projection of a separate costume in order to make the character appear a little like the character of Toad. His 'look' includes a green face and red eyes, and although the result is authentic he does appear rather scary - so this might be re-thought a little. I am happy with the way he performs, though, and it's very in-keeping with my own personality and the way I would act this on stage, which is exactly what I want. This character should be the embodiment of myself in puppet form, and the project might even feature me acting out every other verse, which would result in a kind of 'battle' between me and my alternate self - the puppet!

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