February 2018: Setting Up for Shooting and Making

Now it's time to get down to shooting at London Metropolitan University almost full time for five weeks (while working on making the main body of the caravan out of plywood in-between).

A gallery here shows the setting up of a green screen and lights in a room, with the help of technician Naomi Groves. She suggested using LCD light boxes for lighting the green screen and dedos for the puppet, and the separation worked very well. I have also experimented with the projection of clothing I wore for my first film back in 2000, which is relevant to a verse in the song. I also used double tape to secure the green screen flatly onto the animation stages, keeping it taight (after ironing) and easier to paint out.

Here's another gallery showing development of the wood for the caravan. I have now cut the main panels and will begin marking them up for the layer of strips that will be placed on top.

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