May 2018: Final Installation (Videos)

Here is a video showing the final installation (project). The entire projected animation and accompanying imagery has been shot with the camera in a locked off position, and the caravan/theatre has been animated to show a transformation into the 'other side' (the museum), showcasing the collection of miniatures and puppet in situ. In the 2018 summer show, and other such exhibitions, the project will be displayed in a way that enables both sides to be seen as people wander around it.

I am satisfied with the results and feel the animation is the glue that holds the piece together. The caravan,designed with hinges and castors to enable it to transform from its original state to its small theatre state, is sturdier and, as a result, the projection feels more solid. The foam board model originally made was authentic but flimsy and vulnerable, and this new wooden version offers a box that can hold what it needs to. The song flows well and tells a story, and everything is related back to the origins of the caravan itself, linking with the museum on the opposite side. Both my essays sought to further understand the theoretical themes behind this project; the first primarily looked at Cabinets of Curiosities and Simulacra, while the second focused on Discursive Framing and other artists who have been drawn to memory. My project is the result of using the caravan as an extended 'com-positional' frame that displays an amalgamation of imagery connected with deep, discursive themes. The caravan itself is a simulation, and everything associated with it - the puppet, the miniatures - have been simulated too. All in all, it succeeds as a repository for my own precious thoughts, memories and collected objects, while serving simultaneously as a piece of nostalgic, gently humorous entertainment. It is a project that can evolve beyond what it is now, with further projections, further stori4es, further memories and further artefacts, and so I am happy to label it an 'everlasting installation'.

Production credits:

  • Animated, Directed and Produced by Richard Haynes

  • Inspired by the Model Caravan Constructed by Frank Hardie

  • ‘When I Was A Lad’ (Originally from Gilbert & Sullivan’s ‘HMS Pinafore’). Music by Sir Arthur Sullivan. Original Lyrics by Emma Haynes

  • Puppet Constructed by Westley Wood (

  • Lighting by Naomi Groves

  • Footage from ‘Postman Pat’, ©1981 Woodland Animations

  • Footage and illustrated titles from ‘The Wind in the Willows’, ©1983 Cosgrove Hall Productions. Illustrations by Beverly Bush

  • Sound from 'British Birds', © 2007 Global Journey

  • Special Thanks: Mark Collington, Frank Hardie, Beverly Bush, all at Arts University Bournemouth and London Metropolitan University. All friends and family, especially my wonderful Mum and Dad, amazingly supportive wife, Emma, and perfect daughters, Isabel and Sophia XxXxX

Here is a second video showing the same presentation, but with the camera being hand held, enabling zooming and tracking in and around. It culminates with the puppet inside the museum, watching television.

And finally, here is a gallery of images showing the projection in more detail, as well as some of the detail that went into the creation of the model and miniature artifacts, combined with some projection to light up the television and display cabinet.

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