May 2018: Plan for Summer Show

For the fantastic opportunity to showcase my project at the Summer Show at Calcutta House, London Met, I would require the following:

  • One large table, no smaller than 150 by 100cm (to hold the caravan/theatre

  • One projector, but preferably two if possible (one for the theatre, the other for the museum)

  • (if only one is possible I would require basic lighting for illuminating the museum)

  • A small dark room (or area where darkness can be achieved to make the projection more effective)

  • A wooden plinth, with a table-top area of no smaller than 50 by 32cm (for holding the main catalogue). Ideally this would be screwed into the plinth for security

  • Small speakers, headphone extension cable and power extension cable (which I can supply), for fixing speakers inside the caravan/theatre

  • Small light bulbs (including Christmas lights) and sufficient power sources (for lighting up the museum, and undercarriage/wheels area)

Thinking back to Robert Lepage's 887 , as discussed in my 2017 essay on Discursive Framing, I would like to make the atmosphere in the show as 'moody' as possible, with the aim of evoking warm nostalgic sentiments. The museum was simply projected with plain, white light in my video, but I would like to make it feel more like it is a cosy interior, with soft and gentle lighting as the television plays (if possible through second projection).

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