VIDEO REVIEW - Champion of the Green Baize (Series 3, Episode 12)

The 50th of my video reviews dedicated to the making of Cosgrove Hall's film and series of 'The Wind in the Willows', featuring 'picture in picture' and the odd 'behind the scenes' image too, including archival photos of existing costumes and props and original drawings! This one is for Episode 12 from Series 3, 'Champion of the Green Baize' (originally transmitted in the UK on 9th March 1987). It was originally released on a double-VHS box set in 1987, then again in 1997, and then on DVD in 2003 and 2008. The entire script can be read on-screen as you watch, so look our for any differences, including some deleted dialogue from the opening scene at the end of the video.

This episode aptly opens Winter 2019. Reviews of the series continue as Winter gets under way, with 'Patient: Toad' on Sunday 8th December 2019.

All 52 episodes have been sorted into a special 'seasonal' order. The remaining 13 'bonus' episodes (Series 5/the 'Oh! Mr Toad!' spin-off episodes) are being reviewed, one by one, as 'additions' every 4 weeks. Comments very welcome. :)

All copyright-held video and audio content belong to the respective owners - I don't claim to own any of it, and will not make any profit from it, but just merely want to celebrate and acknowledge it.

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